Monday, June 20, 2016

Anti IOT Bluetoothware dashboard

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Friday, December 16, 2005


1.Humans always spare a sacred means on one object-things.
2.Human mind always attracted to new object-composition.
3.Human mind always refer-connecting one thing to another.
So every object has to be viewed by those 3 frame of references; as a sacred vs profane; as a new or old; or as a simple vs complex composition.
Commercial things like BRAND must be viewed by these frame of references simultenously. But unfortunately for designer or scientist like us, there are no law to FORCE every human to view the same reference as ourselves at one time at a time.
So toget a clear picture of these chaotic mingled references we prefer to put fences or rock-stones to block and ZONING the chaotic streams to make it more comprehensible.
a MATRIX is what we got.
Fences we use are old GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY law of PERCEPTION.
Block-stones we use are what we called "Abstract-Concrete Interpretation Index"....
GESTALT laws consist of:
4 closure tendencies.
5.Pragnantz ideal form.
6.figure compare to ground.
1.Pernotoz= Perception with no touches; Object being perceived without being touched; ie--cloud or sun.
2.Percepotoz= Perception include touches with positive means; ie--body soap.
3.Percenotoz= Perception with negative disliked touches; ie--stinky waste.
4.Utiloz= Object that been manipulated into functional things; ie--prefab house.
5.Utivirtual= Double utilize an object for an abstract output; ie--computer programming.
6.Virtuabsolu= Virtual object being developed into totally virtual-abstract object; iie--suicide bomber for Heaven.
What function this MATRIX for?
It could ZONE the human VALUE PERCEPTIONS for GADGETS or predicting their FETISH BEHAVIOR.
These gag war fight desperately to win human attention all against all...
We prefer to use another metaphor for this competion as neon light compete each other to lives longer that each other; sometimes enlight together with others, sometimes just a single light occur...
CASE example.
First, we have to segmentize people that been involved to this action; we found up at least 3 segments; Bomber engineer that manufacture the bomb--ie, DOKTOR AZAHARI & gank; the inteligence unit that survey the target enemy & of course the KAMIKAZE bomb carrier...
Contrary to oyher belief, each of this group got a different PERCEPTION and EXPECTATION about the bomb; They simply live at different FETIZ-ZONE...
The Spy-reconaissance-team.
-pernotoz= +
-percepotoz= -
-percenotoz= +
-utiloz= +
-utivirtual= -
-vituabsolu= -
-proximity fit= +
-similarity fit= +
-no good continuation= -
-closure fit= +
-no pragnantz+ -
-figure/ground fit= +

Zone B the engineer team.
-pernotoz= -
-percepotoz= -
-percenotoz= -
-utiloz= +
-utivirtual = +
-virtuabsolu= -
-no proximity= -
-no similarity= -
-fit good continuation= +
-fit closure law= +
-no pragnantz= -
-no figure/ground = -

Zone C the Kamikaze Bombers.
-pernotoz= -
-percepotoz= -
-percenotoz= -
-utiloz= -
-utivirtual= -
-virtuabsolu= +
-fit proximity law= +
-no similarity= -
-no good continuation= -
-no closure= -
-no pragnatz= -
-fit figure/ground= +

Stop explore or try to stop people to be intimidated for JIHAD HEAVEN; it is part of their culture,like association of heterosexual copulation and extacy.
Better focus of the 2 more skillfull groups, The spy unit and The Engineer...
Neutralize these groups and you will reduce their bombing activity.
Against the Engineer we could COVERT strike a one bomb blast at one non Moslem Hospital or church at night with null casualties but PRESS out a founding evidance of 5 seperate bomb n a fake new chemicals happens to be parts of those bomb composition---ie,Titanium nitrat; Than PRESS out a letter or message of responsibility from COMMUNIST group of the nation---ie,Jordan Revolutionary Party.
These actions certainly provoke minds of the Engineer and scrummble their Good continuation and Closure insticts...
This RED ARMY stealing Glory also hurts the Spy-reconnaisance team, because that places alike churces n hospital is also their area of ennui and must be eliminated.
That is one case of DEBRANDING CAMPAIGN; it could be practise both on Politics and Business...

Monday, December 12, 2005

FETIZOLOGY numero uno

What kind of animal this FETIZOLOGY?
This is not an animal, but a consept being derived from Marxist terminology,fetish character.Actually a term derived from Latin,facticius,means artificial that point to an act of believing one object having a magical powers to protect or aid its owner,defined by Meriam Webster dictionary...In capitalist world, every human living in its sphare must possess a character called "fetish", being astonished,devoted and confident ridden by any Object pushed out by their factories; "Product Commodities" we called.
FETIZOLOGY is a strategic method to comprehand the spatial complexity that binds many human made stuff into hirarchial unequal statuses;ie--dominant-submissive-cracker-decaying--that put remark on human mind.Easy reads,"Things you wear determind action you will make."
Coincidentally this idea correspondence positively with the idea,"Marketing Brand".
"In marketing, a brand is the symbolic embodiment of all information connected with a product or service. A brand typically includes a name,logo,and other visual elements such as images,fonts,color schemes,or symbols. It also encompasses the set of expectations associated with product or service which typically arise in the minds of people.Such people include employees of the brand owner, people involved with distribution, sale or supply of the product or service, and ultimately consumers."
Wikipedia says it.
In term of the Capitalist, your devotion to stuff or fetish desire being called "Brand loyalty".
If you feel fetish to BMW,IPOD,NOKIA9500 or HARLEY DAVIDSON and HARRY POTTER series you become a brand success for The Brand Designer...
Problems comes as you try to find a perfect Formula to guarantee success in Branding Policy.
Most approaches explore these fields with a scent of intuitive unscientific non formulaic non systematic manner. The law of Convergency versus Divergency from Mrs.Laura Ries for example, only describe a guideline and still too broadly; They couldn't explain why certain Convergency do succeed---ie,Laptop---and a couple of Divergency gains failure--ie,pesticide,DDT,anti depressant drugs---in their struggle to survive.
To get a good formula for branding we must identify at least 2 assumptions.
First, we must believe that one shape or ideas or function is never live alone; it always perceived as a part of a bigger ideas or shape or functions; it fits the law of GESTALT PSYCHOLOGY...
Second, we must believe Marxist-Materialist assumption that Material-Things-Gadgets do have power to activate human behavior, not vice versa.
Very simple clues; ask any gadget designer whether he or she likes defective behavior of its user; a vagina ironcage patented at 19th century really means that way for its designer; I wonder of a raging burst of anger sprout of him if he saw his creation being used as a hit assecories for the 21st century transsexuals...
So, in discussion about Brand, we better kick out moral values.
Do you know the cheapest successfull brand of the 21st century?
JIHADIS SUICIDE BOMBER is my answer; ask millions of poor Moslems around the world what is Jihad bomber means to them and you know what I mean...

Friday, December 02, 2005

Fetizology Gamefield, part 2

This is a game of Herbie Volkswagen versus Harley Davidson.
Yes, this is a competition mainly among Gadgetsor Functional human made stuff. These Gags posess a soul; and they kill and overdominating each other.
Every gag must have these characteristic.
1.It has Raw Materials.
2.It has a duration, or time life limit.
3.It was designed to get maximum sphare of human attention.
4.It coexist wth other gag.
5.It steers and modificate human behavior;ie>>at business circle called Consumer Education...
6.It cause waste problems.
7.It might be in a state of malfunction, get Reparation activities.

The key to understand them is on the manual book, or Operational Procedure . How clever the design to anticipate another Gag is the key of their survival. Contradiction is another keyword to understand these unexpected encounter of gags.
To know who will be the winner and who will be loser we should need a strategy derived from Psychology, Sociology and Semiotics.
This field that put together interferences of hundreds or thousand gags competing each other for living is what we called "Fetizology Gamefield" or just Gamefield.
Unlike mister Al Ries and Jack Trout idea about Positioning, this is a competition of all against all, not just in the same category alike Positioning.
Second, Gag war is nothing to do with memory-memorization, but about behavioral set-up of Solving Problems; So although I love Pepsi so much but unfortunately my decision to buy it at one Supermarket has been blocked by Diabetic Syndrome, and automaticly choose the second option, Diet Coke....

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Media Center Online adalah suatu konsep yang baru dalam usaha efesiensi komunikasi dan penatalayanan media media publik seperti televisi, periklanan, film, radio, proyek-proyek public relation, studio produksi, dsb.

Media Center ini berbentuk portal internet .

Begini bagan diagram hubungannya:


Member Registry form

Contract Reference form

Scheduler form

Contract salary form

Accounting transaction form

Project bids ( editor abstracts+sponsor's bid+operator's bid )


Scheduler process


Gadget control

Accounting process


Project Report

Accounting report

Customer Relation,

sms announcement

project bidder

crew announcement
Member Resume & Proposal

Email account


Script database

Binary database


sponsor's cell phones
crew's cell phones

porject operator's cell phones


Penulis naskah kirim naskah skrip secara online atau offline

Editor mengabstrak skrip- skrip

Editor mem'post' ke Project Bidder stelah dirating lebih dulu

Sponsor membaca abstrak dan pilih dan BID suatu Budget

Operator Proyek juga melakukan hal yang sama

Terjadi negosiasi belakang layar

Akibatnya sponsor operator proyek dan anggota crew menandatangani kontrak

Copy kontrak pergi ke Storage dan Ref-number ke Payroll

Payroll tersambung otomatis ke Scheduler Form dan Accounting form

Setelah paayment account aktif-terbayar akan Trigger Payroll dan Scheduler mulai berjalan

Form Scheduler berjalan dan diisi oleh Operator Proyek

Scheduler juga akan cek alokasi Gadget beserta jadwalnya, kalau tidak cocok proses scheduler akan berhenti, memberi waktu operator mengubah jadwalnya

Setelah scheduler selesai , proyek realnya barulah bisa dijalankan

Contract Salary Form hanya bisa diaktifvasi Operator proyek...